Even more Facts about Kroger Store

Kroger is the most significant revenue-generating retailer in the United States as of 2016 headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it was formed in 1883. Kroger operates in supermarkets, stores and 3,500 convenience stores throughout the United States.

This store is famous because of providing a quality product to its customer. Below are some tips on how you can save on your purchase at Kroger store.

If you saw our last post about some of the facts about Kroger store, here are some more of that!

Even more Facts about Kroger Store

Tips to save money at the Kroger store and Affiliates

1. See the section of fruits and vegetables on sale:

This section is found in the vegetable part on a small shelf. You can get the bananas at only 39 cents a pound, and even many vegetables such as a package of peppers (peppers) of 3 units for only $ 1. Normally these peppers cost $ 1 for each unit. There are also fruits like mangoes, apples for only $ 1 the whole package. Fruits and vegetables in this section should be consumed soon or frozen for your juices.

2. Freebie Friday of Kroger:

On Every Friday thus store gives a totally free product. You only have to charge the electronic coupon that works on the same Friday, and then you can redeem the product between 1 to 2 weeks.

3. Save on bread and cakes:

There is a section in the back of the store where you can find the specials in bread and cakes. Many times you can found baguette bread and French pieces of bread to bake or ready to be consumed. The various prices from $ 1 to more. So by buying this one can easily save money at the Kroger store.

4. Get Fruit in Free:

For your sons or daughters who accompany you, make the purchase of the week. If all Kroger and Affiliates offer free fruit such as bananas, tangerine and sometimes even apple. You do not have to pay absolutely anything, and you can consume it in the store.

5. Visit the settlement section:

This section is located in the central part of the store. You will find several shelves with all these products with super discounts, in some cases, it has the advertising that says “Manager’s special.” You can find products from vitamins. Boxes of cereals and even cleaning products. So take advantage of this scheme.

6. Register to the emails:

Kroger to receive discount coupons and promotions directly to home mail. Click here to register as a new user and save money at the Kroger store.

7. FREE discount coupons for the purchase:

If by purchasing certain products you can receive discount coupons to use throughout the store. On this occasion, you receive two such as:

  • $ 4 coupons are also called Catalinas.
  • $ 5 coupon for my regular purchases at the QFC store

8. Save on Gasoline:

If only to make your purchases in Kroger or affiliates you can get discounts on gas. Also every week there are electronic coupons that you can charge to your account to get double up to four points for gasoline discounts.

9. Check the promotions every Saturday:

In advertising or digital coupons, you can find 5x promotions that only work on Saturdays. You can find products for only 99 cents.

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